1. How to Thrive as a Beauty Professional During Covid-19

How to Thrive as a Beauty Professional During Covid-19

Beauty professionals have truly been hit harder than most small businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. With approximately 30% of the beauty industry having to shut their doors for good, you might be wondering how to deal with the stress of daily work and trying to keep your head above water. 

While this is a particularly difficult time for all of us, there are some very effective ways to further your talents and improve upon your business as a beauty professional during this downtime. 

View Stress is an Option, Not a Necessity

While stress is a natural response of the body reacting to difficult circumstances, it is also a mindset that you are not required to subscribe to. While we are all currently in a season of challenges, maintaining a healthy mindset to calm our psyches will lead to the supported health of our bodies and therefore our business. Allow yourself to process your stress, but remind yourself to let it go.

Organization is Key

As beauty professionals, we all have our set processes and procedures that have been in place for a long time. While some of these things serve us, there are most likely aspects that do not. The best way to figure out which to keep and which to upgrade is to write a list of what does and doesn’t serve you. You can also do the following:

  • Clean and reorganize your color cabinet.
  • Clean and reorganize your shampoo and conditioner cabinet.
  • Clean out all of your drawers.
  • Go through old towels and smocks to get rid of the old and repair the damaged ones.
  • Go through your clips and combs.
  • Release any products you have that don’t fit your brand or aesthetic.

Reach Out to Clients

Our clients are incredibly important to us as beauty professionals, and fellowship with your clients can increase your rate of business as well as your relationship with each one. 

Take this time to reach out to clients that you haven’t heard from in a while to wish them well. When the client feels supported, they will be more capable of supporting you and your beauty business in return.

Brush Up on Your Skills

If you feel as though there is an area in which you could use work, consider taking classes and improving that specific skill. If every time you do an A-line bob, for example, it turns out slightly crooked, pull out your cosmetology books or look up some Youtube video tutorials to practice until your A-line bob is uniform.

If books and videos just aren’t for you, contact Estella Marie Staffing for a list of classes and offerings that might be befitting of your skillset. It’s never too late to improve or even learn something completely new.

Focus on Your Online Presence

Another great way to thrive as a beauty professional at this time is to cultivate your online presence. Going through your online presence with a fine-tooth comb will ensure that you are able to attract new clients and showcase your best work for others to see. Since the internet has become a bridge for many clients and customers, having an online presence that you are proud of will help you both feel great and draw in others that are inspired by what you do.

Live in Positivity

Remember that every small win is a positive in your life that should be celebrated. When you celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small, you will be heading towards a positive mindset that ends up helping both your business and yourself.

The very fact that you are able to take ownership of the responsibilities of being a beauty professional during this time is your first great sign of triumph. This means that you are already living the dream and running a beauty business with the potential to grow and flourish.