2. Safety Measures for Beauty Professionals

Safety Measures for Beauty Professionals During Covid-19 

Whether you are a salon owner, a stylist employed by a local salon, or an independent contractor, it is important to know how to take the proper safety measures for staying healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with these measures, you must master how to deal with your clients courteously and skillfully as beauty professionals across the country begin to open their services back up amid a global pandemic.

Contact the CDC

When working as a beauty professional during the pandemic, take the time to check with CDC or the Center for Disease Control, and the state board of cosmetology to make sure you are in compliance with the most current state and federal regulations. These regulations may include any of the following:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Keeping at least 6 feet of distance from all people
  • Washing hands for at least 30 seconds with a lot of soap and hot or warm water
  • Utilizing hand sanitizer whenever possible
  • Keeping doors and windows open to maintain airflow
  • Minimizing the building capacity
  • And more

A great way to notify your clients about current processes and procedures is to send your clients a letter or email asking them to abide by mandated protocols. This could also include 24-hour wellness check confirmations before any physical appointments. Make sure to also post fliers as reminders or send out information with related helpful facts related to COVID.

Offer Friendly Tips

When sending emails and helpful facts to existing and potential clients, don’t forget to share friendly tips that can be helpful in their daily lives. Takeaway tips such as suggested products for hair maintenance when coming to the salon less often, and how to maintain a hairstyle between appointments can be a great way to engage clients when they aren’t at your salon.

Remember that you have the right to refuse service to anyone who won’t wear a mask or comply with your regulations. For those clients who do comply and wear masks but are unhappy about it, take extra steps to redirect their energy during their appointment. This can be done with upbeat music, beautiful items and decor in the salon, positive exchanges and reinforcements, flowers, turning the television on, and cultivating a relaxing ambiance in the salon. Helping an unhappy client find a better mood will not only make the appointment time more enjoyable, but it will lead to a long and trusting relationship with their beauty expert.

Meet With Your Team

Salon owners should hold regular staff meetings to discuss concerns and safety protocol. These meetings can be done via zoom to reduce group settings or in-person with proper distancing and safety measures in place. If you are a salon owner, make sure to have meetings as often as necessary to communicate important health and safety information to your team. 

For independent and freelance contractors, it can be a great idea to set out a day for yourself every week to check in with your well-being and make sure your salon space is sanitized and ready to go.

Setting up for Success

Try to set aside one day a week for self-care and sanitation. 

This step will help you reflect on the past week, prepare for the week ahead, and anticipate any extra measures you may need to address. Taking time to sanitize your space and your tools will ensure you can begin the week successfully.  Register at Estella Marie Staffing for more successful tips. 

Create Community

The best way to feel supported while making your clients feel valued and important is to create a sense of community around what you do. When those around you feel valued and safe, it is easy to create a tight-knit community, and those around you will receive and reciprocate on any request you are making to ensure the safety of all.  

After successful appointments with regulars, don’t hesitate to ask clients to support you by writing an online review. Informative reviews will speak to your professionalism during an unprecedented time and provide support for the safety methods you have employed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Positive reviews will not only make your current clientele feel safe and respected, but they will also urge others seeking a safe salon space to reach out to you for appointments. 

When receiving feedback, be receptive to constructive criticism and openly adapt to suggestions; after all, it’s about the client as well as the health and safety of the staff. 

Be sure to share your clients’ feedback with your team. Your colleagues may appreciate a fresh perspective and your clients will be thrilled that you have sought their advice and have considered them in the plan! 


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